escar is taking place for the first time in Dortmund, a fascinating city in the heart of the Ruhr area. 

Dortmund inspires with its passion for football, green oases and vibrant city life. The cityscape is characterized by a mixture of modern architecture and the charm of old industrial plants, as it is typical for the Ruhr area. As the largest city in the Ruhr area, Dortmund was primarily known for its steel production, which sets it apart from the mining cities in the neighborhood.

Nowadays, Dortmund is best known around the world for its football club and one of the largest stadiums in Europe. The city and the Signal-Iduna-Park will also be hosting games at the 2024 European Football Championships in Germany. 

The Dortmund Congress Center is located in the immediate surroundings of the stadium, next to the large Westfallenhalle. The congress center impresses with its modern and diverse event rooms, which are perfect for conferences, exhibitions and events. The first-class technical equipment and central location offer optimal conditions for a successful escar.


Limited contingents have been reserved for ESCAR conference participants at neighboring hotels located within walking distance of the Dortmund Congress Center and close to the A45/A40 freeway connection. 

If interested, please contact the hotels directly. Please see below to find out where to stay. 


isits AG International School of IT Security AG has established itself throughout Europe as a vocational education and training institute in the field of Cyber and IT Security.
Moreover, isits AG organizes symposiums, workshops and conferences.
isits AG initiated escar conference in 2003.


ETAS has been a mainstay in the automotive industry for nearly thirty years, designing and producing hardware and software tools for engineers who develop and calibrate electronic control systems. Our tools are widely deployed in automotive and adjacent segments of the embedded industry.
Following the takeover of the ESCRYPT brand, etas acts as the organizer of escar USA.